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Monster Rancher 4 unlocking guide

A complete guide to unlocking all monsters.


Starting Monsters


Unlock Mocchi

  1. Go to Torble (you must be at B Rank)
  2. Talk to the Girl in the Bungle Inn
  3. The nurse visits your ranch
  4. Go back to the Bungle Inn and get Mocchi Doll
  5. Go to the KalaragiJungle
  6. Get down to the 6th Floor
  7. Fight Geras(for the fight to occur, you must go far enough into an empty room on the 6th floor)
  8. Wait a week
  9. Phayne's mocchi comes back with the nurse

    Mocchis are now able to be generated in the shrine.


Unlock Phoenix

  1. Go to Kawrea
  2. ouch the Gaia Stone
  3. Go back to Kawrea after all the commotion
  4. Beat Xevion (need to do it two time, for he regenerates) (he's on floor 10)
  5. You finish the story line
  6. Credits
  7. Start up game again
  8. Two weeks after defeated Xevion, you will find a Phoenix feather on your bag
  9. Suzaku, the Phoenix shows up and asks you to raise one of her kind

    Phoenixes are now able to be generated in the shrine.


Unlock Raiden

  1. Get Rank D from the story/plot on the first expedition:
  2. Go up to the fourth floor. You should see a room that triggers the plot. You'll then leave the dungeon.
  3. The Gadget guy will tell you that official tourneys are canned due to the lack of resources. Go back to the cave.
  4. Explore it until you hit the 5th floor. You should see the boss that's the big bird monster, Shiden
  5. Beat it, and you'll gain a King's Feather.
  6. When you leave the dungeon, you should see Cynthie who promotes you to D rank

    Raidens are now able to be generated in the shrine.


Unlock Zan

  1. Attain Breeder rank A, and Beat the A class Official Tournament.
  2. There will be 3 Promiass adventures, The last adventure ending with the meeting with the Boss, Garp.
  3. You will get Rank S .
  4. You will be invited to see a tourney match.
  5. You will go to Kalaragi Jungle and search for Nazzeni.
  6. Defeat "Nazzeni 2".
  7. Obtain the Black Egg

    Once the Black Egg is yours, Zans are now able to be generated in the shrine.


Credits: SlaptShotz54, Gizmo the Lemur & MonsterFenrick
This page was last modified: April 23 2024
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