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Monster Rancher 4 Combining


Monster Affinity & Combining
Monster affinity is really important for combining. The higher your monster affinity, the higher results your combined monsters stats will be:
Percent of Baseline (Not parent stat totals)
Monster AffinityLOWMIDHIGH
Good Friend110%120%130%
Great Friend110%120%130%
Best Friend120%130%140%

Example: From the monsters you are combining, each of their respective stats are added together to determine which two stats are high, mid, and low. Let's assume we have a purebred Golem and Pixie we're combining
POW900300= 1200MID
LIF600450= 1050LOW
INT300900= 1200MID
ACC450600= 1050LOW
DEF900450= 1350HIGH
SPD450900= 1350HIGH

The combined monster would then have it's base stats multiplied based on the monster affinity of two monsters. Let's take a look at Golem and Janne:
*Note: Monster combing can be either original breed or a new combination of the two main breeds. From below, I can get Golem, Janne, or Pink Golem. However, I cannot get BattleRocks (Golem x Durahan).

This table is for original base stats if they were combined as friends.
Golem: Golem x Golem170110806515050
Janne: Pixie x Durahan888714312598123
Pink Golem: Golem x Pixie1371001108712283

This table is for stats if they were combined as best friends.
MultiplierMID: 130%LOW: 120%MID: 130%LOW: 120%HIGH: 140%HIGH: 140%
Golem: Golem x Golem2211321047821070
Janne: Pixie x Durahan114104186150137172
Pink Golem: Golem x Pixie178120143104170116


Monster Group Compatibility
To determine how well each monster would get along with each other take a look at the chart below. The closer the monster is to each other, the easier it is to raise friendship. But the further away, the harder it is to raise friendship.
Some monsters have exceptions where they just don't get along much at all despite placement with one another:
  • Suzurin & Gitan
  • Durahan & Zan
  • Golem & Joker
  • Dragon & (literally) everyone
Monster Group Compatibility
Group 5Phoenix
Group 4Ogyo, Golem, Lesione
Group 3Garu, Suzurin, Mocchi
Group 2Antlan, Durahan, Beaklon
Group 1Ducken, Pancho, Tiger, Zuum
Group 0Koropendora, Baku, Hare, Henger, Raiden
Group -1Rhinoroller, Pixie, Plant, Madillo
Group -2Jell, Suezo, Mogi, Ripper
Group -3Zan, Mew
Group -4Gitan, Naga
Group -5Dragon, Joker

Combining monsters can also determine new monster's starting rank. This is extremely helpful so the monster can fight less often and train as long as possible for higher stats!
Rank SRank ARank BRank CRank DRank E


Credits: ADC*Ken's MR4 guide
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