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Fan Stuff

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Fan works

The Maple Knight's Monster Rancher Board game! If you have Tabletop Simulator, check out The Maple Knight's free Monster Rancher board game on Steam, which also features some awesome hand-painted assets!

BigKahuna took a Williams' "High Speed" pinball table and is re-theming it out with Monster Rancher!

  • Physical Monster Rancher Pinball Table progress
  • Virtual Monster Rancher pinball table progress as the framework for the real deal (See it played here)
  • Fan Art

    Alan Gutierrez

    Incredible collection of Pixie artwork on DeviantArt

    Shadow: Tiger/???
    Arista, 33

    Monster Sightings

    Monster Fenrick discovers a Monolith not too far from Home!
    Looks like the monol is about to defend his ground with a sound wave blast!

    ShadowFussion Spots a Puddingjell at his house.. too bad he was a yummy snack for Shadowfussion too!

    Petit-Trot is faced with a difficult culinary decision when confronted by Recken, a Gaboo/Jell.

    Magi-chris sends a jell our way!


    An Ogyo Poem

    She is a fish, so beautiful and cool
    Her long fan-like tail, that makes a guy drool
    Her fins so pretty, that glitter in the sun
    Her anger so big, that makes everyone run

    Her gleaming eyes, so big and bright
    Her small body, thats full of life
    Her crown that sits, high upon her head
    Her big blue shell, thats also her bed

    Her gentle laughter, floats through the air
    Her teasing smile, that makes one stare
    Her big giving heart, so full of love
    Her body so soft, like feathers of a dove

    A flick of her tail, for now she swims
    A gentle peck, thats known as a kiss
    The temptation, to hold her tight
    To keep her close, on a starry night

    This gentle fish, so cool and pretty
    For her laughter, is a purr of a kitty
    I love no other, then Ogyo herself
    For she is my favorite, and to no others themselves.

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    A small little creature, all pretty with colors
    That looks in the forest, to find the others
    With pretty lil' wings, so pointy and sharp
    She runs with fear, at the hearing of a bark

    She floats above, the green soft ground
    She loves her nuts, and carries them around
    Her hair so pretty, and soft as a dove
    Her song so sweet, and blossoms with love

    She looks for a trainer, to keep her warm
    Who'll protect her at night, throughout a storm
    She hates being lonely, yet no one knows why
    For she sings her sweet song, thats gentle as a lullabye

    Her body so slick, and yet so small
    How can she cope, with no problems at all
    She likes to flirt, and play her evil games
    Yet she is also nice, in more then one can say

    She comes in colors, all bright and cool
    She loves to float, over a crystal clear pool
    Her face so round, with a cute lil' grin
    For her life is given, and can be easily grim

    She looks at people, and yet wonder why
    Why she isn't chosen, by a handsome guy
    But all is well, and she has no fear
    For she never sheds, any silver tears

    She finally says, a big hello
    Waiting for love, to help her grow
    A young girl appears, right before her eyes
    She runs over, to sing a lullabye

    The young girl looks down, and picks her up
    Holding her close, like a delicate cup
    She chooses the girl, over anyone
    For this girl is filled, with lots of fun

    The pixie smiles, with a tear in her eye
    For this girl chose her, and doesn't know why
    The girl whispers, "you're the one I want"
    The pixie giggles, into laughter of lots

    She waves to her sisters, and walks away
    For she'll come back, on another day
    She is with, a cheerful girl
    That brings happyness, into her world.

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    A Tiger Poem

    I saw a creature, so big and tall
    His mighty stare, that makes one fall
    His sharp long teeth, that's a mean bite
    He doesn't lose, to a simple fight.

    He comes in colors, from blue to green
    With a bunch of specales, all in between
    He loves to play, in the flowing wind
    His evil smile, that starts from a grin.

    His fur so soft, like a feathered dove
    He is utterly truly, the one I most love
    I can't help, but to touch his face
    His paws wrapped around me, in a very warm embrace.

    He makes me weak, and yet makes me strong
    His anger so big, that does major wrong
    He protects me, throughout the night
    Incase I get hurt, He'll put up a fight.

    He loves me, just like I love him
    His eyes so sparkley, and the biggest grin
    He has his ways, of going about
    He comes and goes, like in and out.

    I dare not say, his secret past
    For he may have done, an evil cast
    But he is gentle, as the morning breeze
    His fur tickles my nose, and makes me sneeze.

    But I do care for him, more ways then one
    For what he has, will never be done
    Even when he dies, I'll keep him close
    He has given me, a very scared rose.

    If I were to have, any monster in the world
    It'd be my Tiger, for he gives me a whirl
    He is loved by, no others but me
    The way he moves, is like a bumblebee.

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    Dragon Poem

    Deep in the jungle, late a night
    A dragon stirs, and makes one fright
    His roar is loud, and can be heard
    Disturbing the sleeps, of the tired birds.

    His walk is heavy, making a thundering thud
    His weight so heavy, that squishes the bugs
    His claws so sharp, his teeth so long
    One bite from him, can do some wrong.

    He is surely deadly, and very hard to tame
    His icy breath killing, like the cold of rain
    His eyes so yellow, and yet piercingly sharp
    His temper so massive, with his huge golden heart.

    Dragons very are cool, and yet seemingly strong
    A flap of the wings, and you'll be singing a song
    Your head will spin, in a constant swirl
    The whip of the tail, will make you twirl.

    Dragons can come, and a range of colors
    Red purple green, and many more others
    I cannot help, but yet wonder why
    How a dragon can carry, his overgrown size.

    But then again, dragons surely are fun
    Make them mad, and you'll have to run
    Watch your back, don't make them mad
    Just be friendly, and be very glad.

    They won't hurt you, if you don't hurt them
    Just be very careful, if where and when
    They do come down, with a thundering bash
    Making the earth shake, and knocking you on your a$$.

    Dragons are fair, with a loving heart
    Whatever you do, don't tear it apart
    The scales are sharp, and tear the skin
    Just be glad, you aren't within.

    Their massive stomachs, that hold tons of meat
    The smell of their stinky, overgrown sized feet
    Is surely revolting, but they don't really care
    For they sit on their haunches, and do nothing but stare.

    Sing their songs, of sadness and sorrow
    One never can tell, what brings tomorrow
    Through the sunshine, or through the rain
    They die in peacefulness, without the pain.

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    Phoenix Poem

    A fire bird, full of mystery
    That has changed, the dawn of history
    His feathers like fire, so big and bright
    His Shrilling shriek, piercing the night.

    His eyes so big, and yet so red
    The touch of his feathers, can make you dead
    He can be gentle, and yet very mean
    He is handsome, with colors in between.

    His beak is golden, like the yellow of the sun
    His temper is massive, and can't be undone
    His flame attacks, oh so very hot
    He does his dance, the victory strut.

    He protects me from, other monsters that stray
    He uses his beam attack, the flaming ray
    His feathers are soft, when they are not burning
    And to this day, I am lost without his yearning.

    He cuddles with me, late in the dark night
    Just make him mad, and he'll surely put up a fight
    He has no patients, for those who are weak
    He puts up with no nonsense, of one touching his beak.

    He can burn the colors, of orange red and yellow
    His temper is big, but yet he is very mellow
    He treats me as if, I was his only child
    We ride the winds, for plenty of miles.

    He is my guardian, sworn and true
    Just looking at him, makes me feel so anew
    His eyes gleam, in the light of the moon
    Raises an eyebrow, and syas "how do you do?".

    All I can do, is surely but laugh
    With eaching passing day, is surely coming to fast
    If I had the choice, between phoenix and Pixie
    I choose Phoenix, for he never is tricky.

    He is strong, and yet so very bold
    He tells me stories, that are very old
    I don't mind them, for I smile with desire
    His burning heart, is a rekindled flame of fire.

    We sit together, underneath the stars
    Wondering how many, there actually are
    He holds me close, in the depths of his wings
    His warmth is touching, that makes my ears ring.

    So if you decide, to own a a fire bird
    Be sure to be careful, for he'll never say a word
    He'll simply look at you, and surely frown
    Don't make him mad, he'll make you drown.

    He is of course, the best bird alive
    I wonder how long, he may live to survive
    When he dies, I'll look for him again

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