Recapped By Velociraptor Sun Oct 26, 2003 11:47 pm

There were some VERY excellent fights with some VERY unexpected (at least by me) results. The recap, brought to you by Haagen-Daaz, follows...

Princess vs. Petit Trot

Round 1: AT first, I wasuneasy with seeing this battle first as it was what I thought would end up being the final battle. One the outside, btoh of these monsters looked the same. Both had optimum stats for POW/INT S Class monsters and both had a good array of techs. However, one could say that PT had more powerful techs on the whole and Princess (I'm assuming) had a higher guts factor, which to me meant that this could go either way. Anyway, on to the fight. This first round was actually rather one-sided. Princess, using two triple shots and a 599 critical giant whip, took good care of PT, earning her a quick KO.

Round 2: This round was kicked off with what would be the bane of Princess for the rest of the night, a meteor dive. While she did only 89 damage to himself this time, the future ones would prove much deadlier. In any case, he was only able to use one triple shots besides that, and it wasn't enough to counter-act PT's Jill COmbo and critical Ice SPikes, which together KO'd the Peach Tree Bug.

Round 3: Princess did even worse this time around, missing 4 out of his five attacks, with his only connection being a 91 tail swing. Petit faired much better, using two ice spikes and a frantic rush to smash Princess' health to 1/10, winning 90% to 17%.

Round 4: Princess kicked this one off with an impressive 457 critical triple shots. Unfortunately for him, it was counteracted with a 677 Jill COmbo and a 604 punch combo, which easily KO'd Princess.

Winner: Petit Trot 3-1

FMF vs. Welcome

Round 1: This battle wuld be between opponents that had more diferences than the last. FMF was similar in many respects to PT in terms of stas, though he sacrificed more defense to have better speed and also had only level 19 power and intelligence levels. Welcome, without the need for intelligence, was essentially maxxed except for the higher damage he wopuld take from damage of that type. In any case, The first match began with an array of impressive atacks from Welcome. FMF then replied iwth a 337 snowstorm, but that was it. Following this weak return attack, Welcome finished FMF off with a 374 swing.

Round 2: FMF Had about the same luck this tyime around. His most powerful attacks missed, and he was left nearly gutless when Welcome's assault of slashes came. The durahan won it 78% to 25%.

Round 3: In a role reversal, Welcome was the one who would miss everything, allowing FMF to coast to a 100% to 15% victory.

Round 4: FMF kicked it off with a 146 frantic rush, which was answered by a dash slash and a cut in two from Welcome. This left FMF at less than half health, and he would never recover, hit no more of his techniques while Welcome finished him off with a 608 death bringer KO.

Winner: Welcome 3-1

FMF vs. Princess

Round 1: In this battle between the initial losers, it once again seemed to me like it could go either way. Both monsters had shown that with a little luck, they CAN be formidable. Princess kicked things off well with a series of light attacks that did considerable damage to FMF. The Bengal could only reply with about 450 damage, making Princess the winner at 56% to 22%.

Round 2: A jill combo kicked things off well for FMF, to which Princess could give no reply. It was KO'd, but unexpectedly....GRIT! Too bad it meant nothing, one more 2 slaps from FMF was enough to really KO Princess.

Round 3: Princess, wary of her last round knew she needed to go all out. She really did, but in the end it was a bad decision. Her opening meteor dive did an amazing 381 herself. She'd never recover, FMF's following attacks were more than enough to KO her.

Round 4: Once again, after a large amount of self damage from a meteor dive, two attacks from FMF was all that was needed to KO Princess}

Winner: FMF 3-1

Welcome vs. Princess

Round 1: Welcome was looking good after his first fight, but his next challenger would be the hapless Princess. I knew that she had a chance if she layed off the meteor dive and hit most of her good techs, but only fate would decide the winner. In round one, her met. dive actually did hit, and followed by some other nice techs, it led to her close 45% to 42% win over Welcome.

Round 2: Feeling confident after her first battle, Princess once again opened things up with a meteor dive. Whoops, 183 self damage. Welcome's suceeding attacks KO'd Princess once, causing her to grit. While no other attacks connected in the course of the round, it might as well have been a total victory, with a final percentage of 100% to 0.1% in Welcome's favor.

Round 3: Once again, meteor dive started things off. It hit this time, for a worthy 6523 damage. Eerily, Welcome's first attack, a slash combo, also did 653 damage. Welcome wsa quicker to follow up with his success, and after a 362 critical swing, it was another KO for the durahan.

Round 4: Princess sure loved her meteor dives, she used two of them this time. Lucky for her, they both hit, combining for 943 damage which coimprised of most of the hurt put on Welcome in her KO win.

Round 5: This was it. If Princess wanted to prove that she can win a match, this was her very last chance. Meanwhile, Welcome virtually NEEDED this win for a chance at the finals. The durahan started off with a 415 roll slash and folowed with a 174 rush slash, bringing Princess to half health. The PeachTreeBug didn't do as much damasge, simply because she could not hit Welcome with very much consistency. As a last ditch effort, Princess used one of her weakest attacks, tail swings. It missed. SO she used it again. And again. And again. And again for a total of five times. Naturally, this effort achieved almost nothing, and Welcome finished her off with a roll slash KO.

Winner: Welcome 3-2

FMF vs. Petit-Trot

Round 1: Ah the ancient battle between the missing links. In this clash of pre-homonids, Petit-Trot had a slight statistical advantage, but it was still anybody's ball game. FMF began with a 208 frantic rush, but PT's three snowstorms combined to counter that with deadly force, KO'ing the Bengal.

Round 2: In an amazing show, PT used a total of 11 techniques to bring FMF down to 9%. Maybe he was taken aback by the ruthlessness of PT, maybe he just just dizzy from all of the flailing arms, but in any case, FMF hit no techniques of his own, allowing Petit Trot to achieve a 100% to 9% victory.

Round 3: Snowstorm, Jill COmbo. Bam. Just like that, FMF was on the board with a startlingly quick KO.

Round 4: In this round, both monsters hit only one tech. Petit Trot's 248 frantic rush was outweighed by FMF's snowstorm, meaning that the latter took the victory 60% to 51%.

Round 5: It seems round 2 was a rare case of tech heaviness on PT's heart, this time he only used two and hit with one. while it was a critical ice spikes, it still was not enough to overcome the damage done by FMF's own ice spikes and slap combo. FMF became the winner at 66% to 45%.

Winner: FMF 3-2

Welcome vs. PT

Round 1: Could Welcome pull it off? Durahans have had a less than lovely past in LC tournaments with the exception of a certain Rygar, they always seemed to falter at the wrong time. PT, fresh from a loss, was determined to beat Welcome to stay in for the much loved 3 WAY TIE!!! PT used three snow storms in the first round, but only one hit. Welcome could also hit only one tech, buty it was much weaker, meaning that PT got the win 71% to 60%.

Round 2: Welcome used two impressive teachniques to seriously wound PT to about 1/3 health. Alas, PT's reply was even more impressive, his combination of a snow storm and a punch combo KO'd the durahan quite effectively.

Round 3: PT was just one round away from victory and he smelled it. A snow storm and a jill combo were enough to bring Welcome's health to the percent teens. Welcome had two heavy attacks of his own, a roll slash and a dash slash did very good damage against the Pierry. When all was done however, PT was the winner at 28% to 16%.

Winner: Petit Trot 3-0


He was coming.....

Monsters hear his name, whther they trained in the lowest valley or on the highest mountain top, none could escape the legend of the greates monster ever made from a Marilyn Manson CD.

It was time for Welcome, Petit Trot and FMF to meet.....


Bones Versus: FMF

FMF started things badly with two missed snowstorms. That's not how you fight in front of the legend. A burst cannon followed by two rip roaing low kicks KO'd FMF in 56 seconds.

Bones Versus: Welcome Durahans have no faces, and therefore they can show no fear. Welcome gave Bones a message with an amazing 780 crtitcal slash combo: he ain't messin' around. Two drill shots and a fist missile from the Skeleton could not hinder Welcome's charge to victory, as he delivered the final dash slash KO blow to Bones.

Bones Versus: PT, like his other Jill counterpart, had little to show to the legend. a 99 1-2 punchw as all he could muster, in the end he was lucky not to be KO'd, losing 91% to 12%

DA WINNER...Welcome!


Welcome 2-1 (winner)
Petit Trot 2-1
FMF 2-1
Princess 0-3

There you have it folks, in an amazing tiebreaker the Durahan comes out victorious. All hail Welcome! All hail Red Hare! Sweet dreams folks, stay tuned next time for another exciting LEGEND CUP TOURNAMENT!!!