Recapped By torey_luvullo on Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Here is a short recap. Things went pretty much as expected for Shale - he went 0-3, 3 and out every time. The first battle between Birdo and Black Poivre, the two mocchis, was close, but won by BP 3-2. The match between Wormega and Birdo was also close, but was finally won by Wormega, 3-2. This set up the match everyone expected, and it didn't disappoint. Black Poivre took a 2-0 lead, but Wormega gamely came back to tie the match at 2. Finally, after trying all night, Black Poivre landed a HUGE giant press for 382 damage, and Wormega was unable to come back from that deficit.

So Black Poivre becomes the first dual winner [if you count winning a bracket of the 4x4 as a win...i do] on the tourney circuit. All hail Petit-Trot and his multifaceted mocchi!