Recapped By Velo on Monday, May 13, 2002

There were some very interesting fights tonight, regardless of a rather unexciting finale. Here it goes!

Furea vs. Dorothy: Dororthy kicked it off looking like a winner. two 600+ diving press attacks left Furea very, very knocked out. However, in rounds two and three......Furea dodged and dodged again to get the upper hand over Dorothy 2-1. In the fourth round, Dorothy laid the smackdown like she did in round one, finishing off with a 999 diving press. The fifth and final round got kind of close, but thanks to a very powerful giga ray and a couple of other attacks, Furea emerged as the winner!

Furea 3, Dorothy 2

Generic vs. Omega: Not much to say, Generic was pretty pathetic, and while Omega missed a lot, what he hit counted a lot more than dinky stabs and jabs.

Omega 3, Generic 0

Furea vs. Generic: Essentially a battle of two monsters that just aren't extremely overpowering, these fights were full of attacks and turned out close. The first fight was full of those weak little techs, but Furea is better at that and won by 16%. In fight two Generic struck back, barely. He managed to hit quite a few seed guns, some of them crit, bringing Furea down to 49% and winning by 3%. In the third round Furea almost KO'd Gen with a VERY powerful bang and some lightning. In round four, Generic didn't get hit at all, and therefore through a few jabs and pollens took it to a final round. Furea flaunted her powerful techs again in round five, winning 42% to 24%. Shew!

Furea 3, Generic 2

Omega vs. Dorothy: These fights were, if anything, humorous. Admittedly, Dorothy impressed in round two by KO'ing Omega with a MONSTER diving press, but after that he was just sad. Thanks to slow guts regen for both monsters, there weren't many attacks, but Omega was much more efficient about it than Dorothy was. In round five, Dorothy got anger a full THREE TIMES, but proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it and losing by a rather large margin. He needs anger management classes AND he needs to work on his procrastination.

Omega 3, Dorothy 1

Generic vs. Dorothy: Dorothy continued to only use three or four techs per fight and Gen continued to use about 7 per. Sadly for Dorothy, this tactic only worked once when he managed to dodge most of the plant's techs. The rest of the time, the plant relentlessly hit and hit and hit and hit to bring the mighty Dorothy down.

Generic 3, Dorothy 1

Furea vs. Omega: We expected this to be a grand finale, but it turned out to be kind of a stinker. Pixies just don't seem to be any match for dragons, and after all of the risque "bangs" and "bites" had passed, it was clear who would win this tournament.

Omega 3, Furea 0

So, Omega is the winner and therefore rules all your base. If Imay continue my newbie language, Omega and HR roxorz, you da bomb! Remember to make a market monster for Fenrick's mix market tournament, we need more entrants! Goodnight!