Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Well, I must admit, this was one of the most predictable and somewhat saddening. However, it turned out to be a good day for a trainer that has previously had some bad luck...

Ki'Rin vs. Omni Snake: The first of four sweeps. Ki got some attacks in, but his low life doomed him. Chalk one up for the rainbow snake.

Omni Snake 3, Ki'Rin 0

Placebo vs. Total War: Yet again, hardly a fight. Placebo hit a few strong attacks here and there, but it never took Total War more than two attacks per round to win.

Total War 3, Placebo 0

Omni Snake vs. Placebo: OS actually missed a bit in this one, but his first hit in every round was more than enough.

Omni Snake 3, Placebo 0

Ki'Rin vs. Placebo: Yes, even Ki administered a glorious butt-kicking to Placebo. A mighty high kick, a lovely 1-2 punch, and a glorious smash later...and Placebo has lost all three matches for the third time.

Ki'Rin 3, Placebo 0

Ki'Rin vs. Total War: First round: roll assault, 518 damage KO. Second round: Earthquake, 885 damage, KO. Third round: Ki'Rin unleashes all of his Hare magic while Total War sits there missing belly attacks. Hey, it's not a sweep! In the next round he did the same thing! Everyone was thinking Ki had a chance, he could do it, he could beat the Gooji. After a 999 grit, we really thought it was over. But then, GRIT! Ki then proceeded to......gas......and following that, couldn't get any real damage done by the time the clock reached zero.

Total War 3, Ki'Rin 2

Omni Snake vs. Total War: This was supposedly going to be the fight of the day. Unfortunately for TW, he didn't attack much at all, and hwne he did it was weakly. The Gooji got KO'd, three times in a row...ouch.

Omni SNake 3, Total War 0

Well, that's all folks. I can't wait for the next tourney...maybe it will be more competitive. In any case, thanks to all that came and most of all thank you Fenrick!!!