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Monster Rancher 3
Fenrick's 4 hour Formula!

Tips to raise monsters strong enough to beat the game in about 4 hours:

This method requires at LEAST 2 monsters... In my case i used 3.
Monster #1: A "junk" monster, just to pass Time
Monster #2: A Fighter/Adventure monster
Mosnter #3: the Primary Monster (the one you are raising with this method)

Before you make the Monster you are going to raise, find out which techs you want and have at least 1 orb/stone in inventory (by using #2 if needed).
Freeze #2
Revive #1 and rest it until the Week before adventure
Freeze #1 and Revive #3
Rest #3, and you will now teach it the Tech... Search everything to get Max Stat gains from items and stress/fatigue relievers.
Freeze #3, revive #1
Rest #1 until the next Free For All Tournament that has the Stone you want.
Freeze #1 and Revive #2 to fight and get the Stone. (Optional, Revive #2 the week before a Ran Ran adventure, and move to a Local that has an ORB that you want)
REPEAT the above steps until Monster #3 has all the techs you want.

After These Steps have been Completed you will have your Main Mosnter at about 4weeks Old with all the techs (age depends on mow many techs you taught it).

At this point begin your Training using the No Fail Method:
No Fail method:
Train in appropriate Drills for your Monster, save before each drill.
If your monster fails then reset and try another drill
If your monster fails again then reset and try another drill in a different Area
If your monster fails yet again then reset and REST your monster.
ALWAYS go on Ran Ran adventures and raise your Battle techs. Reset if you get into a Fight on Adventure. Reset if you get items that lower your stats.
Repeat for life of monster.

The reason this method works is because your monster needs rest anyway... By replacing a Fail with a Rest, you almost double your weeks to raise your mosnter while eliminating failures. It isn't a method for "Super Monsters" but will definately yeild a mosnter very worthy of beating the game with little effort.

Example Monsters Raised with this method: (click the names to see them)

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