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Contributed by ToadotheGreat
Revised by Monster Fenrick for Online MR1 tournaments.

Max out several Stats to 999 in 1 game Week.. and take NO Lifespan hits!
Before beginning this process I recommend that you get your monster to the desired Form you wish it to have.

There are several drugs in the shop that become available after a certain amount of years, that actually increase stats instantly without aging your monster. Some raise stats by 20 and lower another by 10, some raise two stats by 10, and lower one by 10. Since giving your monster infinite items each week is possible, you can literally MAX out several stats by giving them these drugs multiple times.
THERE IS A LIFESPAN HIT.... BUT as long as you feed these items on the last day you plan on raising the monster, (freeze immediately after) there will be no lifespan hits. the lifespan hits only occur THE FOLLOWING week (after rest, drill, or event that puts you into the next week).

Here is a list of the drugs that work instantly after feeding, and their effects: (These effects may not agree with the official item values from Tecmo, but these are correct as they've been tested.)
Fly Pill: +20 Speed -10 Defense
Heart Pill: +20 Skill -10 Power
Vitamin A: +10 Power +10 Life -10 Skill
Vitamin B: +10 Defense +10 Life -10 Speed
Pill: +10 Power +10 Defense -10 Life

The best thing to do after drugging your monster is to save on a different file, specifically for battling. You may want to battle your Drug-Free monster later or do other things with the rest of its life, and plus you may want to keep all the money you spent. Although the benifits of this method are beyond godly, it comes at a price...
- You've practically killed your monster
- Empties your wallet
- You need to create a new save for it
- Time consuming

The Advantage: if you wait until the last week of life of your monster, you can essentially raise all the other stats that are hard to raise... then at the end of the Monster's Life, you can drug the heck out of it to raise the rest of the stats! Make Sure you choose a drug that lowers a stat that you don't mind getting low. good luck and hopefully there will be more activity in the Monster Rancher 1 Tournaments!. This method combined with the Gold Peaches, and Lisa Shock's "Shock Treatment" make MR1 the easiest game to raise monsters for tournaments!


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