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Read My Review On Monster Rancher Hop-A-Bout
MR Hop-a-bout is basically a Platform jumping game. You have a start line and a finish line. To get to the end you must litterally "hop" through this flat obstical course. You are suspended in the sky so staying on the course is important. On the course are holes and edges in which to fall off of, as well as Tiles to land on for Power Ups (and downs) to help you Jump Higher, Go Faster, add more Time, Propell you in certain directions etc.

Personally I would have liked to see some Height in the game, not just the depth, but since I am having troubles getting past level 86 I suppose I have little room to talk. The game also has Items to aquire that, from what I hear, are mainly bragging rights since you have to beat 4 levels in a row without running out of life to get 1 item. Although the game is called "Monster Rancher" hop-a-bout, it really has little to do with MR aside from the fact that 4 MR characters are in the game as the "Hoppers/Racers" that have different speeds, jumping hight & acceleration, and of course a cameo of a Pixie.

The physical game is a special "Pandora Disk" for the MR3 game, But there are no "in game" unlockables in HAB, nor does the game have any real hidden secrets other than unlocking the "???" option in the menu which is really just a random level selector (no secret characters to race with after all your efforts). You can race the clock by yourself or against another in 2 player mode as well. There is, however, a mode where you can Create your OWN obstical courses for your pleasure. This is great for me because I can trade course designs over the internet using the DexDrive, and race on other people's designed courses as they race on mine.

Over all it is a Fun Game with virtually no learning curve so Anyone can get in on the fun. If you are looking for the in-depth gameplay with lots of the hidden things that Monster Rancher has to offer that's is where I personally find this game falls short. If you are having people over and want to play a game everyone can enjoy old & young alike that can be picked up on easily, with instant gratification then this is a great game!






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