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These are instructions are Written by Me, Monster Fenrick, for public reference.
This Process was discovered by Lisa Shock, owner of Monster Rancher Metropolis.


UPDATED: 05/22/2016
Hello there, Monster Fenrick here. I'll do my best to describe this as best as I can and as simple as I can for every step of the process.

Getting Started: Basic Concept of what you are going to do!
  • WINDOWS and a PC are needed to do this process (Not Mac Compatable)
  • Use CloneCD to read a CD that you own.
  • Use a text editor to open a file that CloneCD makes.
  • Replace the contents of that text file, with the "Subcode" (TOC) in the text files on this site
  • Use CloneCD to write the altered data onto a blank CDR
  • Use this "Burned" (written to) CDR in Monster Rancher to get a Monster.
  • HERE is How to create a CloneCD file
    for Editing (Preparation for making the monster you want)

    · Step 1: You must have Clone CD software, Download it HERE (1.74Mb) Do not update this free version or it will expire!
    · Step 2: Once you have installed this software and restarted your computer you can launch it by double clicking the application Icon on your desktop.
    Windows 10: This does not appear to run in Windows 10. While you can install the software (run as admin), after installation the software will error due to missing drivers. If a fix is found for W10 this will be updated.
    · Step 3: Insert any CD with an Audio track on it that you wish CloneCD to read. Audio CD -length of the track does not matter. (DO NOT use an MP3 CD or CD with MP3 contents or it may skew the process)
    · Step 4: Select "Read To Image File" from the toolbar on the top (looks like a CD with an arrow pointing to a floppy disk). A box will pop up, check the first option "Read SubChannael Data From Data Tracks"
    · Step 5: Click the button below "Start Disc Read (a picture of a CD & drive with an arrow pointing to a floppy disk.) this will copy the Data to your Hard Drive and could take between 5 to 10 minutes

    In your c:/windows/temp directory there will now be an IMAGE.img file and a Image.ccd file. The Image.ccd file contains the Subcode Data (which is actually the TOC - Table Of Contents), the IMAGE.img file contains physical data (Mb, Kb or however large the CD actually is) DO NOT MOVE THIS FILE FROM THIS DIRECTORY!

    (Get the monster you want)

    Now, to change the Subcode data you must Right click the Image.ccd file and select the "Open With" option. uncheck the box that says "always use this program to open this file" and then select Notepad.

    · Step 1: delete all the information in the Image.ccd file
    · Step 2: Copy the subcode data (now in .txt format) from a website (MRM) or from another text file (available to download on this site)
    · Step 3: Paste the Subcode into the Image.ccd file and select "file", then "Save"
    · Step 4: IF CloneCD and the TXT file are 2 different versions:
    simply change the version number on the image.ccd file (or txt file) to match the version of CloneCD you are using. (Resave if you have to change the version #)
    · Step 5: in CloneCD now select the "write from Image File (a picture of a Floppy disc pointing to a CDRW drive)
    · Step 6: it will have a directory of where the Image.ccd file is. Make sure the path leads to the Image.ccd file.
    · Step 7: click "Start Disc Write" (a picture of a Floppy disc pointing to a CDRW drive)
    · Step 8: make sure you "Keep TOC as on source" and write to end of image file

    When the process is done, you will have a CD that contains the monster of the Subcode Data specified.

    Additional Tips:

    The files being mentioned (image.ccd, IMAGE.img) are Hidden Files. to find them you MUST have hidden Files/folders selected.
    Now, the second problem was People are looking for these files without having the CloneCD software (or in some cases without any writing software downloaded/installed for that matter). you must have an image.ccd file created first before you can go into the file to alter the data. You can create the image file by referring to steps 3 through 5 in the process of Creating a CloneCD File in the instructions.

    Did I mentioned that you must have Hidden Files & Folders enabled to do this follow these steps? If you don't know how, follow these instructions to enable hidden files.

    · Step 1: Right click on your "My Computer" icon and select "Explore"
    · Step 2: click "View" on your Windows explorer window.
    · Step 3: click "Folder Options" in the pull down of the View menu
    · Step 4: a window will pop up with 3 selectable tabs at the top of the pop up window, select the tab that reads "View"
    · Step 5: there will be an "Advanced Settings" inner window displaying View properties. look for the folder "Hidden Files" and select the 3rd option "Show All Files"
    · Step 6: click "Apply"
    · Step 7: above the "Advanced Settings" window there are two Buttons, Click the "Like Curent Folder" button.
    · Step 8: Click "Apply" again (just to be safe)
    There, You now have hidden Files & Folders Viewable!


    If your initial CD (it could be ANY CD) is VERY small in size (say, 10Mb or less) this informationis kept on the IMAGE.img file and it will be THIS file that copies when you copy your subcode data.

    What this means is that No matter what monster you make, as long as the IMAGE.img file is small, it will only take a very short time to make a CD since there is little physical data. This is MUCH faster than keeping the IMAGE.img file of an Album which has 100s of Mb of information.

    You can Do this by:
    · Step 1: Create a .txt file with nothing in it.
    · Step 2: Insert a blank CD into your CDRW.
    · Step 3: Copy the that blank .txt file onto your CD.
    · Step 4: Use This CD to create your original Disk Image.
    · Step 5: After you have altered the image.ccd data, it will literally take only seconds to create a monster from now on.

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