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You Absolutely need a DexDrive or X-Port or MaxDrive to put these saves on your Memory Card.
Read about the Dex Drive: it is for use with PSX games and PSX memory Cards.
Read about the X Port: it is for use with PS2 games and PS2 memory Cards.
These game saves are for the NTSC/US versions
. "RIGHT CLICK" and "Save As"

Download the Old DexDrive software (the 2 Floppy Disk version)
Download the Newest DexDrive software
Download the Latest X-Port/Sharkport Software


Monster Rancher


Monster Rancher 1 save
No Description

Hacked Monster Rancher for Cheaters
Baby RARE monsters all Stats Maxxed Lots of $$$

Playstaion Underground Jampack Saves (3rd)
MR saves from the third Jampack (Underground)

Lisa's "Immortal Golem"
(a save at each year until the golem was completely maxxed out)

Monster Rancher 2


10 Monsters
Battle Against Monster Fenrick's (and Wife's) Monsters

10 Baby Rare Monster/??? Breeds
From Monster Fenrick & Lisa Shock

Cocoon Hatching Save! From Lisa Shock
Rest for 1 week and get 7 breeds (all Worm subs):
Monol, Naga, Jell, Hare, Suezo, Gali, Pixie

Monsters from DNA Capsules!!
Forward Golem, Gold Suezo, White Mocchi, Gentle Mocchi, Mia, Poison, and Moo! (Thank you Lisa!)

DNA Capsules in Inventory
Experiment with DNA and over 2 million Gold all monsters unlocked
(Thank Lisa for the DNA, thank me for the Money)

Monster Rancher 3


Complete 222 Monster Page Encyclopedia! - (Includes MINMEI's Maxed Stat Heart!) This game save is a "Power Monster" Ready save complete with 555,000 Cash, a Passing Time monster, and an Item "Go-For" monster. All you need to do i pick a monster to raise!

Download VS Data:
Fenrick's (10 basic monsters)
TheCampster's (30 monsters, 2 hacked, can you guess which 2?)
(from Weak to Completely Maxed; test your monsters against other people's monsters!

CLick Here to see all monsters in the save
please Download the latest X-Port/Sharkport Software

Monster Rancher 4


This gamesave is incomplete. Included is a text file with the monsters that are needed and instructions how to add to this save and send this gamesave back to legendcup with your credits included.
Monster Rancher

All Items and the "???" Menu unlocked

My wife & I played Hours to get here, Enjoy!... we did!
Monster Rancher Advance 2

All monsters unlocked, Maxxed sharked monsters
Submitted by Chibi Silverfox

Gameshark for GBA is required to use this save


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