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"Monster Rancher" is a Monster Raising, Breeding, Fighting, Simulation game from Tecmo Inc. for use with the Playstation or PSX and Playstation2 system.

Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2 are played on the Original Playstation.
Monster Rancher 3 is played on the Playstation2.

The Monster Rancher Series of games take place in Various times of a fantasy world where Monsters and people co-exist. You are the "Monster Trainer" in this game. Depending on the game, you have an Assistant and a Ranch (or ranches) on which to raise your monsters. The general purpose and objectvie of the game is to become the greatest trainer! The game, however never really ends, you can continue to raise new monsters (and there are plenty).

To become the greatest trainer one must accomplish the task of raising a Monster and participate in official tournaments until you have beaten the highest level of tournament possible.

Now, onto the best part about this game: The Monsters!
Monsters need to be strong to compete. To be strong, a trainer must cater to a Monster's needs. Monsters gets strong in basically 2 ways:
• Raising their Statistics "Life, Power, Intelligence, Skill, Speed, Defense".
• Teaching them Techniques. (Moves or "Techs" that are used in battle)

Each monster has a different personality, Lifespan, preferences of food, which statistics they are good at, appearance, movements, and each different "Main Breed" has an entirely different set of possible techniques to learn. In MR1 and MR2 Monsters can be Crossbred (Combined or Fused together) to alter their lifespans, appearance, Statistic preference etc. almost like crossing genetics to try and get the best of both worlds. In MR3 you have more than 1 ranch, and rather than Crossbreeding, Monsters evolve depending on wich ranch you are raising them at (i.e. Raise your monster at the underwater ranch and it can evolve fins).

Money: though not extremely important.... If you run out, you lose the game.
Money is gained by winning battles. You need money to send your monsters off to errantries so that they can learn new techniques. Also, feeding your monsters regularly requires money (at least 1 item at the first of every month, with the option to feed additional items weekly).

Battles: Not only can you fight monsters in the game itself, but you can also save your monsters and fight them against other people's monsters who have this game!

The game works in week increments (Not Daily). so every action you do essentially lasts 1 week. If you train your monster you train for a week. If you rest your monster you rest for a week. When you enter a Battle it is 1 week.

You should really try this game out if this sounds even remotely interesting. Many players of this game average in age from the single digits up into the late 40s! it truely is a game for every one.

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