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Interact Sharkport

Get an X-Port from Code Junkies!

What Is a PS2 X Port, and how much does it cost?
A X-port, formerly known as Sharkport, is a USB device and software that connects your PS2 and your PC together. With the provided software, it allows your Computer to talk to your PS2. Originally retailed for $29 U.S.
(this is not a Game Shark, or a Cheat Device)

What does a PS2 X Port do for me?
the Sharkport allows you take data from your memory card, and store it on your PC, or the reverse; take memory card data from your PC and put it back onto your memory card.

Why do I want a PS2 X Port?
It works with almost every PS2 game and PS2 memory card. You will only ever need 1 working memory card to have a "virtual limitless" memory card. Since you can back up your Memory card onto your PC.. you can always wipe it clean for new games, then re-apply your old Memory card data later.

What does the PS2 X Port have to do with
Monster Rancher 3 or Monster Rancher 4?

Since Monster Rancher 3 does not support online gameplay, this is the best solution we have come up with:

- For Tournaments: take your Memory card data, once it is on your PC you can E-Mail the file to a "Tournament Host". The Host then takes all the competitors and fights them for the Competitors. (Best 3 out of 5 matches between each 2 monsters).

- The PS2 Monster Rancher Master Gamesaves: Want all 222 monsters from Monster Rancher 3, or the Complete Encyclopedia of Monster Rancher 4? many of us joined together and combined all of our encyclopedias into 1 greak book of monsters for these games. All you'd need to do is Download the save, transfer it to your card, and then take the monsters you need from our encyclopedia and put them into your own (mr3) or play on "TheLegendCup" ranch as "L.C." and ranch away (mr4).


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