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Interact Dex Drive

What Is a Dex Drive and how much does it cost?
A DexDrive is a Serial Port device. It is Similar to a Joystick periphial, but you plug your PSX memory cards into it. The device is rather small measuring a little wider and about as tall an actual memory card, about 1.5 times as long. It originaly retailed for $49 U.S. but you may be able to find it cheaper on e-bay or similar type place.
(this is not a Game Shark, or a Cheat Device)

What does a Dex Drive do?
the DexDrive allows you take data from your memory card, and store it on your PC, or the reverse; take memory card data from your PC and put it back onto your memory card.

Why do I want a Dex Drive?
It works with almost every PSX game and PSX memory card. You will only ever need 1 working memory card to have a "virtual limitless" memory card. Since you can back up your Memory card onto your PC.. you can always wipe it clean for new games, then re-apply your old Memory card data later.

What does the Dex Drive have to do with Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2?
Since Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2 do not support online gameplay, this is the best solution we have come up with:

- For Tournaments: take your Memory card data, once it is on your PC you can E-Mail the file to a "Tournament Host". The Host then takes all the competitors and fights them for the Competitors. (Best 3 out of 5 matches between each 2 monsters).

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